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70s Night - Write Up

“Oh, what a Night!” indeed…… flares, platform shoes, psychedelic clothes and big hair – who knew they were still in Southwold attics and cupboards, waiting to be released! Well done to our members – you did yourselves proud! Thanks also to Party Pants for such an extensive choice.

70s Night Dancing

Although everyone was a winner, after much deliberating by the Head Judge, Andy Walker/Ziggy Stardust won the First Prize of a bottle of Champagne and Phil Slater/Man-In-Pink(!) received a bottle of Adnams wine as Runner-up. Wonder what passers-by thought as the 70’s descended on Southwold?

As the evening progressed, with members’ energy levels sustained by yet another ‘nod’ to the 70’s – basket meals prepared and served by Mary Smith, more took to the dance floor, although only a few were brave enough to sit on the floor, rowing the boat to Oops Upside Your Head.

70s Night Oops Upside your Head

Many thanks to Christine Sanderson and Tom Colyer for organising everything and to Andy Walker for the idea in the first place.

The consensus at the end of the evening was that it had been a great idea and when is the next Themed Night? WATCH THIS SPACE!!